Gossip Girl Season Four

Regarding the Gossip Girl season four, the CW on Feb 16, 2010, announced that it will renew the drama series 4th season, starting in Fall 2010. However, it has been assured that Taylor Momsen, the one who acts as Jenny Humphrey will not be present until the nine episode of the fourth season of Gossip Girl. It has been revealed that she will be absent because of some creative reasons and her Summer Warped Tour concert schedule. It has also been reported the character of Jessica Szohr will also be absent from several episodes of Gossip Girls season four. It is rumored her character will go abroad to work with CNN.

It has further been revealed that both the above mentioned characters will be regulars in the series. According to the sources, Taylor Momsem who act as Jenny Humphrey will be absent for the first half of the season four of Gossip Girl series. She will be back for November sweeps. In an interview, Leighton Meester states that shooting would usually be done in Paris for Gossip Girl season four. On 16th July, Jessica Szohr also stated that she was excited for Gossip Girls season four and the direction of the series would be taking following the dramatic & cliffhanger laden season finale.

Sources have also revealed that in the four season of Gossip Girl, Katie Cassidy, who was the former star of Melrose Place will be joining the set of Gossip Girl. She will be playing the role of Juliet Sharp, a new girlfriend of Nate who attends Columbia University. The actor has also previously worked with the star of Gossip Girl Michelle Trachtenberg in the remark of Black Christmas. Moreover, she will also be starring with Leighton Meester in a new movie titled Monte Carlo.

The Gossip Girls season four will also cast the actress Clemence Poesy. She will playing the role of Eva, a French mystery girl of Chuck Bass with whom he will astonished both Blair and Serena in Paris as a changed man after his incident in Prague. Gossip Girl season four will be air on Mondays at 9/8c, and will premiere September 13, 2010. A trailer for season four of Gossip Girl was released on August 16, 2010 titled 'Oh Mon Dieu' (Oh My God in French), and was entirely in French to celebrate the season 4 return which will be set in France.