Gossip Girl Season One

Gossip Girl season one has a total of 18 episodes and started airing on September 19, 2007. But only 13 episodes were produced because of the 2007-08 Writers Guild of America strike. After the stick ended, the network announced for producing five more episodes of the Gossip Girls season one. And the first season of Gossip Girl ended on May 19, 2008. The season premiered with 3.5 million viewers and ended with 3.00. The rating of the first season of Gossip Girls was low but network renewed the show for second season due to their aiming on male and female demographics on age 18–34.

In the beginning of the season one of Gossip Girls, the episodes mainly focus on why Serena left. But soon it was revealed that she felt guilty for sleeping with best friend Blair’s beau Nate Archibald behind her back. Gossip Girl season one progresses, and cast a new character Georgina Sparks, who with vicious intentions, comes back to haunt Serena. It is soon revealed that when Serena was with Georgina in a hotel room partying, a man came asking for cocaine. Serena gave him the drugs but instantly after, the man started having a seizure and the two girls panicked & ran away.

Serena was compelled to call 911 for help, and as she ran away hiding but the man they were with had died. This is basically the main reason behind why Serena left. At that she also slept with her friend’s boyfriend. Part of the main story of Gossip Girl also shows the relationship of Serena with Dan Humphrey, who is an outsider from Brooklyn. She began to date with him but usually had a rocky road with because of their different family backgrounds.

In Gossip Girls season one; the Humphreys also feature the story such as the love of Serena’s mother Lily by Rufus. Also shows the return of their mother as well as how they adjust thier life on the 'Upper East side'. Gossip Girl season one also reveals other storylines including Blair break up with Nate and falling for his best friend Chuck Bass, which leads to her dethroning as Queen Bee. Jenny's training to become the next Queen Bee lead by Blair, which contribute to both of them later in the season beginning war for the throne; Nate's family problems; Lily's marriage with Bart Bass; Rufus' troubled marriage; Dan's relationship with Serena, which is interrupted by his former love Vanessa Abrams; and the friendship of Chuck and Nate.