Gossip Girl Season Three

Gossip Girl season three has a total of 22 episodes and started airing on September 14, 2009. In the third season of Gossip Girl, Hilary Duff appeared as Olivia Burke, a well known actor who wants to experience normal college life and ultimately began dating with Dan Humphrey. In this season Joanna Garcia also appeared as Bree Buckley for the first four episodes of the season three. Furthermore, in Gossip Girls season three, America’s Next Top model creator Tyra Banks also appeared in the fourth episodes as Ursula Nyquist, a larger than life actress, for whom Serena Van Der Woodsen temporarily works as a publicist. Other appearance in this season also includes Sonya Harun and Gina Torres.

In the season three of Gossip Girl, there was also guest appearance of the music group “Sonic Youth. In this season, Caroline Lagerfelt also appeared as Celia as Lily’s mother. Robert John Burke who acts as Chuck’s father also returned for “ A Christmas Carol, themed episode in December. Gossip Girl season three features Jack & Chuck’s mother having a deal about taking the hotel from Chuck after he decides to give away for public, as there had been rumored about him having sex-affairs with his employees. The other storylines of Gossip Girl season three also includes Nate and Serena becoming a couple, Dan and Vanessa get together and Jenny and Damien break up.

The third season of Gossip Girls also mainly showed the development of Humphrey. The last 2 episodes of this season show her attempt to break up Rufus and Lily and Nate and Serena, also Jenny soon discovered that no one wants her. In this episodes of Gossip Girls season three Jenny was alone and trying to escape from it all. The episodes also reveal the Chuck’s disappointment and heartbroken as well as believing that Blair has fallen out of love with him forever.

In this season of Gossip Girl, Jenny goes back to Hudson to stay with her mother after she had slept with Chuck. Then Eric convinces her to tell it to Dan. The episodes further shows of the breaking up of Blair & Chuck after knowing Chuck had slept with Jenny. The Gossip Girl season three also shows the surprise entry Georgina Sparks played by Michelle Trachtenberg making a big surprise for Dan, claiming she is pregnant with his unborn child and Nate attempts to deal with his break-up from Serena in a very Chuck-like way. The final scene shows the Chuck being shot by muggers.