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【yobo体育app】最快速度保级遇阻 小克谈压力:下半场打出风采
名称:【yobo体育app】最快速度保级遇阻 小克谈压力:下半场打出风采

   In the first match of the second stage of the Chinese Super League this afternoon, Shenzhen Kaisa lost 0-2 to Tianjin Teda. While the team tasted the bitter fruit of the defeat, they gave their opponents the first league win. For the deep foot who wants to "complete the relegation as quickly as possible," this result is the same as the cold weather in Dalian, which is a bit chilly.


In this game, Shenzu’s starting lineup has not changed much from before. The top scorer Mali’s physical and physical condition has not yet recovered to the best, and he has not won a starting opportunity; veteran Wang Yongpo replaced Dai Weijun with a minor injury to his right foot. , This is also his first debut opportunity in the Super League this year; U23 teenager Liu Yue served as the right winger in this game.

在此游戏中,神族的首发阵容与以前相比没有太大变化。头号得分手马里的身体和身体状况尚未恢复到最佳状态,他还没有赢得首发机会。老将王永波用右脚轻伤取代了戴为军。 ,这也是他今年在超级联赛中的首次亮相机会; U23青少年刘悦在这场比赛中担任右翼。

In the third minute of the game, the TEDA team made a fantastic start through the goal of foreign aid Achimpont. Throughout the first half, the pressured deep-footed players made frequent mistakes, and the team's state was not good; the second half opened soon, Achimpont scored twice, he used two goals to give a wonderful gift for his 27th birthday.


   Since then, although Cruyff has been replaced by Zhang Yuan, Zheng Dalun, Mali and Pei Shuai successively, but Shenzhen Football is still unable to rewrite the score, and finally lost the first round of the contest with TEDA 0-2. After the game, the entire Shenzhen Football team went to the visiting team's phalanx to thank the 210 hardcore fans of the Shenzhen Expeditionary Army.


For this defeat, Cruyff Jr. concluded: “The opponents seized their few offensive opportunities and converted them into goals, and we were a little bit worse in the goal conversion rate and accuracy. The scoring opportunities created are transformed into goals. The current situation is that we know that the game consists of two games. For us, we are behind 0-2 in the'first half'. What we have to do is to do our best Going forward to play the'second half' is the next game. We have to work hard and get ready for the next game until the last moment and the last second of the game."


When asked if the players made more mistakes in this game, because of too much pressure, Xiaoke said bluntly: "Of course, this is related to the opponent's play today, including the first goal. The opponent scored through the first The ball gained confidence. Their two forwards, one is good at protecting the ball and the other is good at forward."


   Previously, the Shenzhen Football team ordered to complete the relegation as quickly as possible, but after losing to Tianjin Teda in the first round, will the team bear more pressure? In this regard, Xiaoke frankly said: "We are now in the relegation group. We are fighting for relegation. There must be pressure. This is normal. Today, the opponent performed well in the'first half'. We were in the'second half'. 'I will play our own things, play our style."


Regarding Dai Weijun’s absence and Mali’s inability to play the full court, Cruyff said: “To play such a game, I need all the players to be in 100% best condition. The little wolf Dai Weijun was not included in the list due to injury. ; As the coach, I definitely hope that Mali is in a healthy condition in every game, but in the last six or seven games, because of minor injuries, minor illnesses and physical conditions, Mali cannot complete more than 30 minutes of game time. We Of course, it is hoped that Mali can return to 100% state as soon as possible, through his goals and killer intuition to help the team, but today and previous games, we can not use him well, because of injuries. "

关于戴为军的缺席和马里无法出战全场,克鲁伊官方下载夫说:“要打出这样的比赛,我需要所有球员保持100%的最佳状态。由于受伤,小狼戴卫军未列入名单。 ;作为教练,我绝对希望马里每场比赛都处于健康状态,但是在最近的六七场比赛中,由于轻伤,轻微疾病和身体状况,马里不能完成超过30分钟的比赛时间。我们当然希望,马里能够通过他的进球和杀手的直觉帮助球队尽快恢复到100%的状态,但是在今天和以前的比赛中,我们因为受伤而不能很好地利用他。 ”

   A reporter asked Xiao Ke, whether he would consider changing the goalkeeper next? In this regard, Xiaoke replied: "In the first stage of the game, the main goalkeeper Guowei performed very well. Although Zhang Lu has registered and registered to play, he suffered a minor injury not long ago. He hasn't recovered to 100% state yet, he is close to recovering."

记者问小柯,他接下来是否会考虑更换门将?对此,小科回答:“在比赛的第一阶段,主力门将国伟表现不错。尽管张璐已经报名并报名参加比赛,但不久yobo体育app前他受了轻伤。他还没有恢复到100岁。 %状态,他接近恢复。”

The first round against TEDA was deep enough to lose with two goals. Xiaoke believes that the second round will become more difficult. "But every game is a new game, a new battle, if we can in the next game If you score a goal as soon as possible, your opponent will be more nervous. That's how football matches are. Regardless of the pressure or the difficult situation, we must be prepared."

面对TEDA的第一轮比赛足以打败两个进球。小柯认为,第二轮将会变得更加困难。 “但是每场比赛都是一场新比赛,一场新战役,如果我们能在下一场比赛中取得成功,如果您尽快进球,对手将会更加紧张。这就是足球比赛的方式。无论压力或困难如何情况,我们必须做好准备。”



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